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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Website Planning - complete the business analysis

The Website plan starts with the business. The following items should be complete and ready when it is time to start the website plan.

The business plan. The business plan should be complete - including the marketing plan.

The business name. The name of the business should have been selected and registered.

The business logo. The business logo should have been designed and available in a graphics format.

The business elevator speech. The business elevator speech should have been prepared. It is perfectly acceptable to have more than one elevator speech for different circumstances.

The business tag line. The business tag line will be used on the web and it is another step in focusing the business.

The business card. The business card format and graphics should be available for the website planning.

Business collateral like brochures, fliers, published articles, and speeches should be available for use in the website plan. All material should be available in digital format.

It is a great time to review all the business material and validate all the information in the business material.

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