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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Website Planning - Internet Search

"The Internet Without Search is Like a Cruise Missile Without a Guidance System." Former Lycos CEO.

Search is now the number two activity on the internet. Email is number one.

About 114.5 million Americans, or 39 percent of the population, now use search engines, according to Nielsen NetRatings. Also, businesses spent an estimated $2 billion last year on search-related advertising and some analysts expect the market to triple during the next three years.

The top 10 searches in any given week usually include such names as Yahoo and eBay. It is assumed that instead of typing in www.yahoo.com, it is easier to type in yahoo in the search engine toolbar. And if you type yahoo into the search engine toolbar and hit "I'm feeling lucky", you can go to www.yahoo.com with the fewest amount of keystrokes.

The use of favorites and bookmarks has declined, because it is so easy to find a site using search.

Search was always a popular way to find information on the internet, but the advent of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Teoma that return the list of webpages with the most significant ones first, made searching much more effective. There appears to be five major search engines in use today:

Internet search is so pervasive, that considering how search engines will find a site should be considered in the planning.

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