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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Website Planning - Blogs or Weblogs

"A Web page containing brief, chronologically arranged items of information". Peter Scott, weblog expert at the University of Saskatchewan Library.

Blogs (weB logs) are a specific kind of website. Sometimes a blog is just a part of a website. A blog is a website that has a particular kind of format. The format is usually sequential entries. It is a log, journal, or diary kept on the Internet.

Blogs are becoming popular for several reasons.
Blogging vendors exist that allow one to create one of the colorful websites called a blog, and then one can immediately start publishing anything one likes to the Internet.
Bloggers have a full range of resources, including
Some blog resources are listed at the end of this particular blog.

Blogs entries can be done with a traditional type of text entry, entries can be done with some services by sending an email, and entries can be done with some services when surfing by right clicking information and sending it straight to the blog entry. There are services now that allow audio updates to blogs, and one can phone call the blog and leave a message.

Because blogs are so easy to setup and so easy to maintain, they can be considered in the overall website plan as either a way to satisfy the requirement or provide an adjunct to a more traditional site. Some wags say that Blog stands for Better Listings on Google.

See the The Weblogs Compendium, everything you need to know about weblogs/blogs.

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