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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Website Planning - ezines

Did you ever want to publish a newspaper, a magazine, or a newsletter? Anyone can online. Electronic publications sent by way of email are called ezines (EE-zeens), which is short for either electronic magazine or electronic fanzine.

Publications sent by email to subscribers are called ezines.
Publications sent by email to non-subscribers are called spam.

Why publish an ezine? People publish them for lots of reasons: for vanity, to make money, to sell ads, to inform, and as a way of reminding people on a regular basis to come back to your website. In fact, some ezines refer back to the website with each addition and each article.

What do you need to publish an ezine?

1) Content. Something to put into the ezine - articles, pictures, cartoons, photographs, ads, classifieds. These items can be from various sources
2) The ezine. Someone to put the ezine together either in text or HTML format. Text format is simple and direct; HTML allows the creative design of a website.

3) The managed list of subscribers. "List management", means
There are several ways to do list management.
4) Archive system. Ezines are usually archived so that readers can see back copies.
Ezines should be considered in the website planning as a way of getting people to return to the website.

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